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Reader Rabbit Kart Racing

3.36 usd

- Game in english.- Free from in-app-purchases and advertisement.- Hours of fun.- Well-known edutainment characters.Drive with your favorite friends from the well known Reader Rabbit adventures through a diverse choice of beautiful, happy racetracks that lead through lush forests and hillsides. From Matilda the mouse, Charlie the chipmunk, to Sam the lion and of course Reader Rabbit himself, all your beloved characters are back on track and ready to go! Play on your own or with friends, compete, and have fun together.
- A total of 12 fun and beautiful tracks. - Choose between 3 types of Gameplay; time attack, single race and Tournament.- Choose between 4 characters with different karts, Reader Rabbit, Sam the Lion, Matilda the mouse and Charlie the chipmunk.- Collect letters along the tracks to get a surprise from Reader Rabbit.